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Great Qianlong Period Ginger Jar

Ginger jar hand decorated with water lilies, Crane & ducks priamarily in hues of coral and teal.

Approx. 9"h x 9"diameter


Emperor Qianlong (Aixin-Jueluo Hongli) reigned from 1735-1796. Though his tenure as part of the longstanding Manchu-led Qing Dynasty (1644-1912) was revolutionary for his preservation of peace and prosperity across the empire, he was also renowned for his dedication to art. This artistic passion made him a defining force in the realm of 19th-century Chinese art and design, and it is this legacy that is still sensed by collectors today whose clamor for Qianlong-era works has sent prices skyward.

Great Qianlong Period Ginger Jar

SKU: AC1024

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