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Albrecht Dürer “Portrait of African Woman Catherine”

Albrecht Dürer “Portrait of African Woman Catherine”

Measures 7 11/16” x 5.5”

Overall good condition.

This piece is NOT the original work. Believed to be an extremely rare re-issuance of the original. (As noted by Firenze mark.)

The capital G with the crown atop, likely represents the “Gonfaloniere” A prestigious office in the Florentine Republic during the renaissance. Florence, as the epicenter of early Italian Renaissance art, fostered the careers of prominent artists in the 15th century. Florence’s artistic legacy spans centuries with extraordinary artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, & Botticelli. The iconic Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral (commonly known as the Florence Duomo) stands as a testament to this rich heritage.


This offering is/was part of a prominent portfolio from an “Albrecht Dürer Society” that was auctioned off due to the closure of one of Miami’s museums in the early 90’s. The Society acquired, displayed, and exhibited an extensive and prestigious amount of Dürer’s art and renderings.

Albrecht Dürer “Portrait of African Woman Catherine”

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